My experience using an ultra-portable pod system

My experience using an ultra-portable pod system

How do pod system vapes work compared to the box mod and atomizer combo? This is a question I wanted to find the answer for myself. There was no better way than for me to pick up a few pod kits and try them out for 2 weeks. So I picked out my salt nicotine e-liquids of choice and left my Sigelei Snowwolf XFENG and 528 Customs Goon 1.5 RDA with the rest of my mods, tanks, and attys. This is my experience for 2 weeks with a Hangsen IQ 3SECS and Suorin Drop.

As a long time vaper, I have been using regulated dual battery box mods paired with an RDA as my daily vaping set-up. I personally prefer the freedom of using rebuildable atomizers, though I do occasionally use a Smok TFV12 Prince as well. My two daily drivers are the dual 18650 regulated box mod with an RDA and dual Clapton coils, and my new Wismec Luxotic mechanical squonk kit with a single coil build. I vape 3mg e-juice and generally have a creamy dessert flavor and fruity flavor on hand. Not the most discrete of set-ups but still able to create some clouds. My initial thoughts were that this experiment was going to be a major change and I won’t make the full 2 weeks before I go running to my old set ups.

My first week was with a Hangsen IQ 3SECS refillable pod system. I picked up a 30mL bottle of Naked 100 Salt Lava Flow in 35mg and got to filling the pod. Once I had filled the pod and let the e-liquid fully saturate the coil, I was off and vaping. My first few hits took a little adjusting to the different vaping style. Once I got used to the mouth to lung style of vaping, I was pleasantly surprised with how satisfying these little puffs of vapor actually were. I did find that I was not taking as many puffs as I would with my regulated device and RDA combo. I did hit it a few times in fast succession, causing the vapor to get hotter than normal also giving me a nicotine rush. The overall experience is closer to what I remember smoking a combustible cigarette is like, though it has been almost 6 years since I have had a single puff of any combustible tobacco products.

My Impressions with the Hangsen IQ 3SECS. First, it is a nicely executed device. The size is right, it’s a little wider than the normal cigalike like a BO or Phix electronic cigarette. It has an iPhone style to it. The pods are secured when inserted but are also easily removed when you want. The pods never came out once except when I removed it intentionally. Even after a week of extended use and refilling the pods were just as secure as when I opened the box. The system gives off the perfect amount of vapor at just the right temperature. The coils lasted longer than I had expected as well. I am used to having to change my sub ohm tank coils and cotton on my rebuildables every 2 or 3 days, so I was pleasantly surprised that my pod system cartridges lasted the whole week. The device charged quickly and held its charge throughout the day, thanks to its 400mAh internal battery, and with pass through charging, you can use it while it is charging in a pinch. For the first few days I made sure to bring my box mod with me as a back-up, but after I realized I wasn’t needing it I only took it with me on longer trips. During the week I only grabbed my mod when I wanted to drip my Cookie King DVNK, (new favorite, you have to try it if you like vanilla desserts) or my all time favorite Strawbeezy, (Best Stawberry Cheesecake EVER).

Week two, time to try out the Suorin Drop. This is another terrifically designed device. The tear drop shape fits in your hand perfectly. The Drop’s pods have 2 fill holes and the pod fits securely into the device with a nice satisfying click. This time I grabbed a bottle of Breezy Shake by Milkshake Liquids in 35mg salt nicotine and Nectarberry (Superb) by Royal Bishop in 50mg salt nicotine. The Suorin is a little tighter draw and shorter battery than the Hangsen but was still a very enjoyable experience. You can’t go wrong with either of these ultra-portables. I do find the fruity flavors to be best in the pod systems, though the desserts are still great.

After two weeks of almost exclusive use of the ultra-portable pod vaping systems, I can honestly say I will always have one in my pocket. I am still using mine as my primary vape. These are especially good when you are out in public and don’t want to be that guy billowing massive clouds. Easy to use, easy to maintain, great performance, and great flavor, what’s not to like? The answer is nothing. Vaping has come a long way and now you have even more options. The advent of salt nicotine is what drives these portable devices. You can learn more about salt nicotine here. As always, has all of your vaping needs, E-liquid, devices, Batteries, Tanks, Accessories and more. Let us know if you need help finding the perfect device for your needs and budget.


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