Vaping Starter Kits

Vaping Starter Kits

So, you want to get a new vape, but aren’t sure where to start. That can be a rather intimidating position with the vast selection of vaping devices on the market today. If you have been using a cigalike, or fixed wattage device and want to get into more of a personalized vaping experience, the choices are almost infinite. The best place to start when upgrading from a beginning e-cigarette is the starter kit. These include the mod and atomizer, most commonly a sub-ohm tank, though there are kits with rebuildable atomizers available. For the novice and intermediate vaper, it is probably best to stick with the sub ohm tanks, you can always use an RDA or RTA if you want and still have the tank when you are not able to rebuild the coils or change out the cotton. Starter kits are a great way to get the mod and tank for a low price, normally less than buying the same 2 components separately.


There are 2 major types of starter kits available. The first and easiest to use is the internal battery kit. These vaping devices still have the same mod and atomizer components as all starter kits, these also include the battery. The battery is normally either Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer. The battery is not user removable and when the battery eventually reaches the end of its lifespan, just dispose of the mod and replace it. The other type is the removable battery mod starter kit. These are most commonly used with 18650 Lithium Ion batteries, in one, two three or even more battery capacity. There has been a new trend in offering larger battery sizes, first with the 26650, and now with the new 20700 & 21700 cell lithium batteries. The larger sizes usually equate to more capacity and sometimes higher discharge rates.The larger the internal battery or the more removable cells that a mod uses, the higher the wattage output potential and the longer between charges. The more mAh a battery has the longer it can work. Now, the higher the wattage you run, the shorter the charge will last you. You will need to decide what is more important to you. The larger battery devices are larger and take up more space in pockets or purses, the smaller battery units will be more discrete, but will not run at higher wattage output and not last as long between charging.

The next question is internal or removable battery? Internal battery kits are charged with the included cable, usually a USB cable. It is important to only use the included charging cable as it is rated for the device, your phone charger is most likely not the same rating and can cause damage or injury. Internal battery kits do not need any separate batteries or chargers making them very simple to use and operate. Some even offer pass through charging so that you can vape while the device is charging, though we do not recommend this due to risks. Removable battery kits have the need for purchasing separate batteries as well as an external battery charger. This initial added cost can be offset in time as when the battery reaches the end of its lifespan, just recycle the battery and use a new one. You also get the ability to swap out dead batteries for fresh ones on the go provided you have a freshly charged set with you. Just as with electric cars, some vapers get battery charge anxiety, this can be reduced if you are one of those with having a fresh set or two with you, just make sure you store them in safety battery carriers, not loose in your pocket or purse. With any vaping device you will need to follow battery safety to ensure a safe vaping experience.

When selecting a starter kit, you also need to keep in mind the tank or atomizer that is included. The most common is a sub ohm tank with replaceable coils. These offer another level in personalization as some vape manufacturers offer a large variety of coils for each tank. Smok has a wide selection of starter kits with their popular TF line of sub ohm tanks that have a huge selection of coils to tailor to your vaping needs. Sigelei, Aspire, and Wismec all have great starter kits to choose from. There are also choices in how much e-liquid the tank will hold. 2mL of e-juice all the way up to 7mL and sometimes even more. Some tanks also can use a rebuildable core converting the tank to an RTA.

The main points to consider when selecting your new starter kit are, internal or external battery, size, wattage requirements and the type of tank you prefer. If you would like us to help you pick the perfect vape set up for your needs, just drop us a line or give us a call. One of our customer service reps will be more than happy to assist you.

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