What are RDA's?

What are RDA's?

What is a Rebuildable Atomizer? Rebuildable atomizers or atty’s are vaping atomizers that allow the user to use any coil and wicking material they chose. These are for advanced users only, as you will need to be able to make your own coils and test them for resistance. These are great for flavor as well as vapor production. Rebuildable Atomizers come in a choice of diameters to match your device. Most common sizes are the 22mm and 24mm, though 24.5mm and 26mm have become popular recently as well. Most Box Mods will tell you the max atomizer diameter in the specs or user manual.

How do rebuildables work? RDA's work by directing the current from the battery or mod through the coil or coils. There will be a positive and negative terminal for the coils to connect to. The coils will have the wick inside of them. When the mod is fired, the coils will heat up and produce vapor from the e-liquid. When the cotton is no longer good, the use can remove the cotton and clean off the coils and re-cotton the atty or they can remove the coils and replace the entire coil and cotton assembly. This offers an almost infinite number of possibilities to explore your preferred way to vape. There are countless different types of coils that can be used with different gauge wire and wire types. This means that 2 of the same coil type at different resistance ratings can give vastly different vaping experiences. With regulated devices, the coils resistance will dictate the amount of power you will want to run through the system. Higher voltages will produce a warmer vapor. These settings can affect the taste, so a little trial and error is needed to find your sweet spot with a build and the e-juice you are using. With a mechanical mod, the coil dictates the output of the device and is only for advanced users with a strong understanding of Ohm’s Law and electricity. Not knowing what you are doing and not having the proper testing tools can be extremely dangerous leading to fire and or injury.


The major components of an RDA are the base or deck, this will comprise of the connector to connect to the device, normally a 510-threaded connection, as well as the positive and negative terminals also known as the posts. There are many different post configurations that we will get into later in this post. The coils will be attached to the posts to complete the electrical circuit. Then there is the top cap, air flow and drip tip. The top cap can have many different airflow options, some are side holes, others have channels to direct the airflow to the coils. There are even Attys with airflow directed from the bottom of the deck. Many attys have adjustable airflow as a part of the top cap allowing for further customization.


What are RDA’s, RTA’s & RDTA’s? These are all different types of rebuildable atomizers.

RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer. These generally have no e-juice reservoir, so the wicking material stores the e-liquid to be vaped. When the wick starts to be depleted of its e-liquid, the user simply drips more juice onto the wick and vapes again. The wick can be many different types of media, but the most common is cotton. Some people use silica cord and some like steel mesh. For this post, we will be focusing on cotton as the primary wicking material.

RTA’s are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers utilizing the same principles as an RDA with the added convenience of having a tank portion to store e-juice, so you don’t have to be dripping e-liquid on your coils constantly. RTA’s normally have the deck in the center of the tank with wicking holes to pass part of the cotton through to keep the coils saturated.

RDTA’s are a mix with a tank lower portion and RDA on top with wicking holes to draw the juice up to the coils and still offer the ability to drip like an RDA. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so you will have to see what best suits you as a vaper.

Squonking rebuildable atomizers have become very popular. Squonking is a device that has a separate internal e-liquid bottle that is squeezable. This bottle will have a portion of it exposed, normally through an opening in one of the sides of the mod. The bottle is connected with a tube to the 510 connection for the atomizer. The squonk RDA will have a hollow center positive pin that allows the juice to flow up through the bottom of the RDA and onto the cotton. Squonking is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a traditional RDA without having to constantly drip on the cotton. This type of vaping allows for true one-handed operation, great for when you are on the go. There are also squonk tanks hitting the market that are RDTA’s with a squonk pin allowing you to fill the tank reservoir as needed. Vandy Vape offers a large selection of squonk ready RDA's that can also be used as traditional drippers with just a swap of the center pin screw.

Rebuildable Decks. The deck of the atty is determined by the type of post design used. Velocity dual posts are very common these days. These have two posts with two terminal holes on each post stacked vertically. 3 post decks are not as common, and these have a positive center post with the negative posts on each side of the deck. Clamp style decks use a clamping mechanism to affix the coils and allow for a greater size range of coils as the width of the coil is not dictated by a maximum width of a hole in the posts. The 528 Customs Goon line of RDA’s made this design popular. There are also postless decks where the terminal screws are on the sides of the deck. Freeing up the inside of the atomizer for coils, juice and airflow. There are even some spring loaded decks that eliminate the need for screws to attach the coils as in the springer tiger tek line.

If you are just starting out with rebuildable atomizers, RDA’s can be the easiest way to get it right in the beginning. RTA’s and RDTA’s each have their own unique wicking requirements to ensure proper juice flow. Too little juice getting to the wick and you will experience the nasty dreaded dry hit. Trust me you want to avoid this. Too little wicking and the juice will flood the deck, often spilling out of the airflow holes which is not fun either. There are also new hybrid rebuildables like the UWELL Fancier RDA/RDTA that offers the flexibility of different top caps for either RDA or RDTA use. Rebuildable Atomizers offer you complete control of your vaping experience and there are almost as many options as there are vapers out there. Let us know if you would like assistance in deciding what the best set-up is for you. Ecig-City.com has all the latest RDA's, RTA's, RDTA's and accessories you need everyday.





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