What Is Squonking?

What Is Squonking?

Squonking is at the basic level a bottom fed atomizer with a device that contains both the battery and a squeezable juice bottle to deliver the e-liquid through the bottom of the atomizer. There are many variations on the squonk mod and atomizer combo. There are mechanical mods and regulated as well. If you love rebuildable dripping atomizers but hate constantly dripping juice, squonking might be for you.

Squonking has recently had a surge in popularity. Squonking offers the best of both worlds, the taste and vapor production of an RDA married with the convenience of a tank. If you have ever tried driving with a dripper you will instantly understand the merits of the squonk mod set up. Due to the increased popularity, vapers of all types can find the right squonk device for their needs. Single battery, dual battery, mechanical, regulated, mechanical with safety protection circuits, 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. You name it, you can get it. Many of these are sold as kits with a squonk ready bottom feed (BF) RDA in the box. All you need is juice, a battery and in many cases, you even get pre-built coils. It has never been easier to get into squonking. All these options can create confusion or a sense of not knowing where to start. We can help with that.

I have long used RDA’s on regulated box mods. I made the move to dripping early in my vaping experience and went from an ego pen to a mechanical mod with an RDA. I have been using rebuildable atomizers ever since.

The easiest way to get in is to grab one of the regulated squonk starter kits. These offer all the modern safety protections regulated devices now come with along with the ability to adjust the wattage and or the temperature depending what type of coils you are using. The Sigelei Snowwolf VFENG Squonk 120w starter kit, Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213, or the GeekVape GBox are great places to get started with regulated squonking. All 3 include bottom fed RDA’s to ensure proper fit and functionality. The VFENG also has a dual squonk bottle set-up allowing for greater juice capacity and the option to have a different juice in each bottle (just make sure the flavors go together). Regulated squonk mods offer the closest vaping experience to using a traditional regulated device with an RDA. Each vaper will find that they like certain features more than others and this will help to guide your decision. If you prefer dual battery devices the GeekVape GBox is an obvious choice. All the same battery safety rules apply plus you will need to use added vigilance to make sure that the squonk bottle is not lose or leaking, especially onto the electronics and or battery.

For the advanced vaper with a strong understanding of ohm’s law and the proper testing equipment, there are many mechanical options available.  A personal favorite of mince is the Wismec Luxotic BF Kit, I use one as part of my regular rotation of daily set-ups. It’s a great device, single battery with protection circuit. The Tobhino BF RDA is another example of Jaybo and Wismec’s innovative designs with a single coil and side clamping posts with adjustable airflow. The Augvape Druga Squonk Kit is another great mechanical kit as well. It comes with a 22mm version of the extremely popular Druga RDA with its dual posts and options for single or dual coil builds. The Druga is a fully mechanical mod so you will need to use caution and make sure to follow battery safety rules to the T.

There are also Squonk mods and RDA’s sold separately giving you even more options. Many popular RDA’s now come with BF pins or have them available as accessories. The industry is constantly innovating new products and squonking is no exception. There are even bottom fed tanks available like the UWELL Fancier RDA/RTA. The best part of the industry is that most products use universal 510 atomizer connections. This gives you a huge range of options. Want to use your Smok TFV12 Resa Prince Sub Ohm Tank on your regulated squonk mod? No problem. Get an Augvape Druga Kit and see a new RDA you want, a few turns of the RDA and you’re off to the races. Want to use your BF RDA on your Smok Devilkin mod? Easy, just swap out the squonk pin for the solid pin and you are good to go.

I have been using my Wismec Luxotic Kit for a few months now, and I can honestly say I love it. The single coil Tobhino RDA has great flavor and good vapor production. It has a small 510 drip tip as well as the included wide bore tip allowing you to change the way it vapes in a flash. The starter kit has a very high end look and feel. I had more than a few people think it was way more expensive than what it is. The interchangeable resin doors give you the ability to change the appearance of the mod as well. The door is help tight with strong magnets as well as the bottle holder on the bottom of the kit. The squonk bottle is held firmly in place and the kit includes a second squonk bottle. You also get 2 pre-built Clapton coils in the box. This little device has become my go to when in the car. No more dripping in a rush at stop lights. Just squeeze the bottle and it’s ready to go.

Come check out all of our great squonk mods, RDA’s and starter kits. Let us know if you would assistance in finding the perfect vaping kit for you. As always you can count on Ecig-City to have the best vape gear at the best prices.

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