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Council of Vapor Vengeance X Replacement Coils


Council of Vapor

$ 3.99

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There are two coil options for the Vengeance X Tank. The first, is a 3-coil option. When using the 3-coil, optimal wattage range is between 90-110 watts. The max usage on this coil peaks at 130 watts, however, it is strongly suggested that the user vape at 110 watts for optimal use. This coil provides great flavor and a substantially cooler vapor than its 5-coil counterpart. It also produces a sufficient amount of vapor as well as a smooth draw when vaping This coil option is recommended for those who love there vapor production but also want massive flavor without the heat of a high wattage draw. We advise that, unless you are an advanced vaper, you learn towards utilizing the 3-coil with the Vengeance X.

Secondly, there is the 5-coil option. The coil is high wattage with its optimal range falling between 110-130 watts. The max wattage permitted on this coil is 150 watts although it is suggested that it be used at 130 for best flavor and vapor production results. When vaped at 130 watts, this coil tends to run a bit hotter than 3 coil option so that is a precaution to take when in use. In addition to this, the 5-coil is ideal for those seeking massive cloud protection while not missing out too much on the flavor. This coil is ideal option for most advanced and educated vapers looking for something high-power and efficient.

Coil Type:

  • 5 Channel
    • 0.15Ω Ohm Resistance
    • 80W-150W Rating (110W-130W Recommended)
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