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Artisan RTA by Envii | 22mm Rebuildable Postless Tank (Black is Now IN STOCK)


$ 44.99


So here's an interesting one:

Introducing the Artisan RTA by Envii. A tank much like the original Moonshot, but perfected in the sense that this one builds on its features by including a removable postless deck. Though, this deck is rather interesting as the wire for the coils themselves can reach through the deck for a nice even coil setup. The wire comes out on the other side and allows for quick cuts on the under-side of the deck; allowing for a unique build design. It also includes an adapter for testing coils before cutting the wire, allowing builders to move past the conventional "winging it" that is common along postless decks. Though its small at only 22mm, it packs a punch with its gold plated contact pins and coupled together with its top-fill tank design, this one will surely be a favorite for quite a few.

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