Ethos Crispy Treats Original + Strawberry + Green Apple | 180mL E-Juice Bundle


To celebrate the launch of the Limited Edition Ethos Crispy Treats Strawberry we are bundling it together with Original Ethos Crispy Treats!


Green Apple Ethos Crispy Treats | 60mL Green Apple Rice Crispy Treats E-Juice

Sweet and Sour Green Apples melded together with your favorite marshmallow treat!!!


Strawberry Ethos Crispy Treats | 60mL Strawberry Rice Crispy Treats E-Juice

Strawberry Crispy Treats is a perfect combination of Strawberry and Rice Crispy Treats!

Crispy Treats by Ethos | 60mL Rice Crispy Treats E-juice

Enjoy this delicious treat of an e-juice, with each inhale and exhale tasting like a bite into a delightfully sweet marshmallow cereal bar.

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