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Ethos Crispy Treats Snap Crackle Bundle | 300mL E-Juice Bundle (Or Single 60mL)


Green Apple Ethos Crispy Treats | 60mL Green Apple Rice Crispy Treats E-Juice

Sweet and Sour Green Apples melded together with your favorite marshmallow treat!!!

Strawberry Ethos Crispy Treats | 60mL Strawberry Rice Crispy Treats E-Juice

Strawberry Crispy Treats is a perfect combination of Strawberry and Rice Crispy Treats!

Crispy Treats by Ethos | 60mL Rice Crispy Treats E-juice

Enjoy this delicious treat of an e-juice, with each inhale and exhale tasting like a bite into a delightfully sweet marshmallow cereal bar.

Blueberry Ethos Crispy Treats | 60mL Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat E-Juice

This new delicious rendition of Ethos Crispy Treats introduces Blueberries into the mix; creating a brilliantly sweet and tart vape treat.

Fruity Ethos Crispy Treats | 60mL Fruity Cereal Rice Crispy Treat E-Juice

A fruity pebble deliciousness mixed with your already favorite rice crispy treats. Perfect for breakfast or dessert, this flavor will keep you satisfied throughout the day. Made with love and unicorn farts.

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