Flux RTA by SynthetiCloud | 24mm Dual Post Rebuildable Tank (Pre_Order)


FLUX RTA drops at the end of the month.
24mm top-fill RTA
Hidden adjustable airflow
Advanced 2-post build deck
Adapter for disposable coilheads


More info to come as release closes in.


  • We filter our Pre-Orders a bit differently than we handle our regular orders. Typically, we will hold onto the payment and send out the Pre-Ordered product as soon as it comes into our stock. If you order other regularly stocked products with your Pre-Order, by default we wait until the pre-order product comes in before sending out the entire order. If you would like your order immediately, please place all pre-order items on a separate order entirely or contact us directly. If you have any questions, email us at help@ecig-city.com.


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