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Meteorite Mod by Relik


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The Traveler (#2 of 5)

Art by Relik Vapor

Meet The Traveler: The worlds first mod made of meteorite. The formation of meteorite crystals is a natural art created by the zero gravity in space. Dating back 4.7 billion years, The Traveler is .3 billion years older than our very own sun.

While the ends and pins are 92% pure silver, the true beauty of The Traveler lies in its button and tube body. Both are sculpted from Compo Del Cielo meteorite imported from Argentina.

Each unit includes a presentation box and scroll. The presentation box is made of solid stone with a soft insert to cradle your meteorite. The Relik Scrolls are wax sealed and include basic blueprints of The Traveler along with instructions to clean and maintain your mod.

Only 5 have crashed landed onto planet Earth, and we are fortunate enough to have number 2 of 5.

Note: Any impurities such as cracks or markings are natural to the meteorite.

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