Condensed Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

This atomizer is reminiscent of RTAs. Upon further inspection, this atomizer behaves and reacts like a RDA It utilizes is an accessible building area and condensed chamber. These two characteristics do not usually coexist. Initially, no heat sinks were observed. This species seems to have combined it's airflow structure to a hidden heat sink. Only 600 units were fabricated. Each specimen portrays a unique serial SP(001-600) embedded into an engraved pattern.

Removable Juice Well
accessible building area
Clear Poly-carbonate Juice Well
large well necessitates a visual indicator
Pseudo-Closed System
juice will not flow out through air flow due surface tension
can be dripped through the mouthpiece or air holes
Adjustable Airflow/Juice flow
Condensed Chamber
Heat Sink
Reverse Threaded Juice Well
reduced height
Adjustable Pin
Fabricated By
303 stainless steel

Operating modes:

Close mode (chimney fastened all the way down)

  • Provides condensed vapor
  • Tighter draw, thicker clouds
  • Brings out more of the 'undertones' of the juice
  • Will generally have a larger juice well compared to open mode, closed mode allows for a higher airflow rate without agitation of juice

Open mode (chimney opened by turning at least half of a rotation counterclockwise or more)

  • High airflow, easy draw
  • Vapor is more airy and less hot
  • Has more 'overtones' to the quality of flavor
  • More airflow/agitation of juice. If using the same build as a closed mode, be sure to use much less juice.


Type: Unknown Type